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Maxim's Mustard Dijon 340G

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Key Features:
1. Versatility: Tailored for a diverse range of dishes such as noodles, subs, sandwiches, burgers, and more, these sauces showcase versatility, making them suitable for a wide variety of culinary creations.
2. Maxim's Dijon 100% Natural Mustard Sauce: The star of the range, this sauce stands out for its delightful taste and is crafted entirely from natural ingredients, offering a unique and authentic flavor.
1. Rich Flavor Enhancement: Maxim's Dijon 100% Natural Mustard Sauce enriches the flavor profile of your dishes, providing a delectable and satisfying taste that enhances the overall dining experience.
2. International Gourmet Experience:By incorporating this sauce, you not only enjoy a rich and flavorful addition to your meals but also gain an international touch, bringing a sophisticated and global culinary experience to your table.