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Private Maxi Pocket Night 8 Pads

Economy Pack
1.10 USD 33

Private Maxi Pocket is an improved pad designed with 3D Fit Core for fast absorbency and ideal body fit!

  • Has deep channels to direct fluid distribution.
  • Offers a stylish feminine napkin collection that takes your intimate comfort to a colorful outlook.
  • Provides the softest sensation with the natural cotton feel.
  • The 7 mm feminine pads are more flexible and harmonized perfectly with the body shape and movement.
  • Every feminine pad has an extra clean and dry layer.
  • Enhanced with wide wings to perfectly fit your body shape and grant you the comfort you need.
  • The Private Pocket Collection is assuring maximum front, back and central absorption with triple security zone.
  • Adjusts perfectly to your body movement for a lasting safety all night long.
  • Every feminine pad is individually wrapped for discretion and extra hygiene.
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