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Maxim Tomato Paste 400G

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Key Features:
1. Versatile Usage: The Tangy Tomato Paste is a versatile kitchen essential that effortlessly pairs with fries, noodles, and dhokla, enhancing the flavor profile of a wide range of dishes.
2. All-Purpose Addition: Its compatibility with almost every dish makes it a go-to choice for adding a burst of flavor, transforming ordinary meals into irresistibly tasty delights.
1. Universal Favorite: Widely loved and a must-have in every home, this Tangy Tomato Paste becomes a culinary hero, elevating the taste of snacks like samosas, pakoras, noodles, or roti rolls.
2. Wholesome and Yummy: The paste ensures a perfect balance of tanginess, making it a reliable ally for creating wholesome and delicious food, turning every meal into a delightful culinary experience.